1 ; 1 ; in Month : December (2019) Article No : gjsst-v1-1004
Cembraneli PN and Cavalcante JBF

Abstract Fournier syndrome is a synergistic polymicrobial infection that mainly affects the perianal, perineal and genital regions. It is a relatively rare disease with high mortality and an estimated overall incidence of 1.6/100,000 men. Diagnosis is clinical and an early detection is crucial to improve patient outcomes. Treatment is based on three pillars: initial patient stabilization, broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy and extensive surgical debridement of the entire necrotic area. Currently, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used as an adjunctive treatment. This study aimed to report the case of a patient with Fournier syndrome who underwent the three-pillar treatment and also hyperbaric oxygenation with a satisfactory result.

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