2 ; 1 ; in Month : September (2020) Article No : gjsst-v2-1008
Al-Mosawi AJ

Background: Albarran Ormond syndrome is a rare collagen vascular disease of poorly understood etiology. It is associated with a chronic non-specific inflammatory fibrosis of the retro-peritoneum, which can entrap and obstruct retroperitoneal structures especially the ureters. Awareness of the condition can be helpful for the practicing physicians because of its protean manifestations. The aim of this paper is to highlight the first historic case in the Arab which has not been reported, and to describe the early documentation of the syndrome inn the literature. Patients and methods: Arab Medias during the sixties reported with many inaccuracies that a famous Arab actor and singer “Mohammed Fawzy” from Egypt had a very rare mysterious disease. Therefore, the case in this paper will be based solely on the voice records of the patient himself. Results: Albarran Ormond syndrome was characterized by early uretral obstruction requiring surgery followed by few years of progressive illness dominated by lower back pains, and progressive loss of appetite that led to significant weight loss during the last weeks before his death. Deep literature review showed that the significant role of Joaquín Albarrán who was the first to describe the condition in the medical literature was generally ignored. Conclusion: History of medicine can provide us with a valuable lesson about disorders that can be totally missed and not reported. The first case Albarran Ormond syndrome in the Arab which occurred during the 1960s is highlighted in the scientific medical literature.

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